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Digital classes in partnership with the IPPON foundation

The Ippon Foundation specializing in IT has decided in partnership with the Didier DROGBA Foundation to offer children in the village of Vitré a digital class.

This digital classroom, which has been set up in the village of Vitré, will allow students to benefit from a class with 10 computers, an internet connection and teacher training in ICT. The inauguration of this digital class in partnership with the Ippon Foundation took place on October 28, 2018.


ANONO Heart Kits Project

On Thursday September 10, 2015, around 100 children from the ANONO village social center received school kits from the Didier DROGBA Foundation.

This beautiful ceremony which saw the presence of the Vice President of the Didier DROGBA Foundation and the Village Chief of ANONO helped to put a smile on the faces of these children who will return to school with the appropriate school materials.


3,000 school kits

The Regional Department of National Education (DREN) of the Grands Ponts region is one of the lucky ones to have received school kits offered by the Didier Drogba Foundation for the 2014-2015 school year. A total of 3,000 school kits were distributed to students from CP to CM of this DREN.


Heart Kits Project in Grand Lahou

Friday, October 24, 2014 ceremony was held at the Epp Lahou II school in the city of Grand Lahou for the delivery of school kits, which will benefit primary students from classes from CP1 to CM2.

More than 3,000 school kits have been distributed to date.



Each return to school is a real challenge for parents from the most disadvantaged social classes of the population. The reality is that many families are unable to provide school supplies for their children.
To deal with this situation, the Ministry of National Education, at the start of each school year, makes school kits available to children in certain public primary schools. Unfortunately the help of the Ministry does not manage to cover all the needs and some pupils unfortunately remain without teaching material.


Construction of the Didier DROGBA school in Pokoukouamekro

The Didier DROGBA Foundation, created in 2007, aims to provide concrete support to the Ivorian and African populations in the field of Health and Education.

The Didier DROGBA Foundation’s strategy is the implementation of health, empowerment and education projects and programs that help provide options for improving the lives and futures of children.


Fondation Didier Drogba

The Didier Drogba Foundation works for the well-being of each child and mother. Your support is essential to guarantee them the opportunity to survive and thrive.